Grab It Once | Really Essential Gadgets for Film Makers

It’s time to turn your imagination of professional Film Making into Reality. It’s perfect time to Grab this Gadget. Inspire 2 Premium OR Inspire 2 Cinema Premium | Grab It Once @ $12,560 Flight Time : 23-27 MIN. Control Range : 7 KM. Speed : 94 KM/H. Video Resolution : 6K / 5.2K Sensory RangeContinue reading “Grab It Once | Really Essential Gadgets for Film Makers”

Best Waterproof Compact Camera, April 2019 | Grab It Once.

Macro photography generally refers to shooting small subjects at close range. When shooting macro underwater, we are usually shooting the ocean’s smaller majority — the little critters that  go unnoticed by many divers. Shooting macro forces us to slow down and observe the endless photo opportunities that surround us while diving. It is not uncommonContinue reading “Best Waterproof Compact Camera, April 2019 | Grab It Once.”

Grab It Once | Gadget For Film Makers.

It’s Time To Make some changes in Film Shooting Accessories. It’s perfect time to switch on DJI Ronin Series. Let’s shoot like pro…. Ronin -MX | Grab It Once @ $1,599 Compatible with DJI M600. Supports RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA Mini and more cameras. Designed for stability in high G-force environments. 5-minute set-up. Professional 3-axisContinue reading “Grab It Once | Gadget For Film Makers.”

Google Pixel 3 XL Review By Grab It Once

Google Pixel 3 XL ( Buy Now $780.00 on Amazon ) Google Pixel 3 XL Specification and Unboxing –  For USA Buyers : This Smartphone is compatible/will work with any GSM Networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile. For exact 2G GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE compatibility, please check with your network provider in advance prior to your purchase.Continue reading “Google Pixel 3 XL Review By Grab It Once”